UK Metal Detecting Clubs

Metal Detecting Clubs are a great way of meeting like minded people, socialising, discussing the hobby and having people to share the detecting experience with. There are a vast number of clubs across the U.K. We have collated some clubs near you as well as groups to become a member of: and some other useful links or

If you are new to metal detecting joining a Metal Detecting Club is the quickest way to get started on the right track, as well as meeting people, they may be able to answer questions you have about the hobby.

It is important to find a club that you enjoy being a member of.  Do some research and find which group has what you’re looking for.  It is always useful to try and identify what you want from a club: Socialising? Digs? Advice? And then find the one that matches your criteria best.

Club forums can help you find out what a group is about. They house information about: dates and times of digs, posts about members finds and a whole host of other information about the club and detecting. This may help you make the right decision for you.

Each club will have members looking for different types of finds, as well as hosting a range of experience.  Some will be looking for historical relics, whilst others will be looking for coins or jewelry. This makes a detecting club a great resource for techniques to use in the field, equipment advice, help to identify your finds, detector reviews and details of new locations for you to detect.

A metal detector club is a great network opportunity whether you enjoy sharing detecting stories, discussing your detector finds, comparing machines of have questions your fellow enthusiast could answer.  Do some research, test out the possibilities and find a club you enjoy!

Other advice:

Read Metal Detecting Magazines

Detecting magazines are full of information about our hobby. Yes, that’s right there are magazines dedicated to Metal Detecting! They have details about events, clubs, finds, competitions, hobby issues, field tests and trader advertisements.

We recommend either The Searcher or Treasure Hunting. They are both great resources whether you are a beginner or an experienced detectorist.

The National Metal Detecting

Website for England


The National Metal Detecting

Website for Scotland


The National Metal Detecting

Website for Wales

Toddys DetectingScotland



Weekend Wanderers




Exploring Society (previously BSES)


Berkshire Metal

 Detectorists Club

Bloxwich Research &Metal Detecting Clubbloxwichresearchandmdc

Ipswichand District

Detector Club


Crewe& Nantwich

 Metal Detecting Society


Essex Detector Society

 Essex Numismatic Society

Lune Valley Metal Detecting Club

The Hinckley

Search Society


Gwent Detecting Club


Leicester Search Society

Metal Detecting Club

 Redditch Historical

 Detection Society


bg-lMidland Metal Detecting Club


Northamptonshire Artefact

Recovery Club

High Peak Metal Detecting Club


derby metal detecting club

Derby Artefacts Recovery Club


Scottish Artefact

Recovery Group 

Severn Vale Historical Research

and Detecting Society


South Hams

Metal Detecting Club

Swansea Metal Detecting Club

The  Three Spires

Search Society

Timeline Detecting Group


Trowbridge & District

Metal Detecting Club


 Two Dales

Metal Detecting Club

Weston super Mare

metal detecting and

historical research club

Weymouth & Portland

Metal Detecting Club

Mid Cornwall History Hunters




Scottish Detecting Forum

Somerset Artifact Seeker
Mercian Heritage
Digging Up The PastDUTP img086

Kendal & District Metal Detecting Club

Metal Detecting club in Cumbria

West Kirby Metal Detecting Club

Bridlington Quay Detecting Society

Bridlington Quay Detecting Society relic hunters Kingdom of Mercia Metal Detecting Club
Kingdom of Mercia Metal Detecting Club

Metal Detecting Club - WWMDCWorcester & Warwickshiremetal detecting clubWWMDCWWWMDCLUB@GMAIL.COM


 Hucclecote Metal Detecting ClubHucclecote Metal Detecting

four Quarters metal detecting clubFour Quarters Metal Detecting Club


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