Local fun charity day

Nigel was approached for ideas to include in a local fun charity day.

This method is quick & easy to arrange as we’ve done them before. A simple area marked out with posts & tape add a couple of bales of best English straw spread around the enclosure, add a liberal sprinkling of chocolate gold coins and then let the kids find them, no digging required.

The upshot was a great day out in the very welcome sunshine with loads of kids & a few adults (just helping honest guv) great fun, loads of interest, even a couple of detectorists came over to see what was happening.

Four things we learnt from this:

  1. Children lie through their teeth when it comes to chocolate.
  2. You need at least 5 coins per child otherwise they won’t give up.
  3. Chocolate gold coins & sunshine don’t mix.
  4. It takes ages to remove chocolate residue from detector handles.

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