Treasure of El Carambolo

Three pieces of Treasure of El Carambolo ancient golden jewellery,  are due to travel from Seville to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York this autumn. This week the mayor of Seville took many by surprise when he announced that on their return the entire 21-piece hoard will go on show in the southern Spanish city, reigniting a row about their display. The gold is normally kept in a bank vault.

Seville’s mayor, Juan Ignacio Zoido, apparently failed to check with museum officials first before promising that the artefacts would go on temporary show in the city’s government building in 2015. The secretary general of culture in Andalucía, María de Mar Alfaro, is not impressed. “In the effort to patch up the non-existent cultural agenda, he announces an exhibition without consulting the other institutions responsible for the artefacts,” she told the newspaper Diario de Sevilla.

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Treasure of El Carambolo

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