Barrow metal detectorist astonished by Bronze Age discovery

A local metal detectorist stumbled upon a Bronze Age gem that could re-write the history of Furness. No other similar finds had been made in the Furness area. Mr Hocknell’s find is classed as treasure – and has been named The Rampside Hoard. 

The hoard could have been buried as an donation to the gods, or be the attempts of a metalworker to conceal valuable metal tools by burying them. Mr Hocknell says he only took up metal detecting two years ago after family and work pressure left him with little time to enjoy his favourite hobby of fishing. He is now a member of local metal detecting club the Furness Finders, which has around 25 members.

Mr Hocknell was walking in the field when he came across an axe head. According to the Portable Antiquities Scheme, which has examined the findings, the axe head is cast copper alloy palstave dating from the Middle Bronze Age, that is c. 1400-1300BC. The rest of the find was classified as Late-Middle Bronze Age The axe is classed as a single find, but the hoard was discovered a short distance away. The value is expected to be several hundred pounds.

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rampside hoard metal detecting bronze ageMr Hocknell with his metal detector

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