Viking Hoard bought by the Yorkshire Museum

A museum’s campaign to buy a Viking hoard worth more than £50,000 has been successful. The hoard was discovered in Bedale, North Yorkshire, in 2012 and includes a gold sword pommel and silver neck ring and collar. The Yorkshire Museum launched an appeal in January to raise the funds to buy the hoard, which was valued at £51,636. It has since received enough public donations and grants to keep the treasure on display in Yorkshire. The York-based museum said the hoard contained a gold sword pommel, an unusual silver neck ring and neck collar, a silver armlet, 29 silver ingots, two other silver neck rings, gold rivets and half a silver brooch. The hoard dates from the late ninth or early 10th Century, the museum said. Part of the hoard was found by metal detectorists in May 2012. They informed the Portable Antiquities Scheme of the find and archaeologists then unearthed the rest of the find.

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viking hoard metal detecting treasureThe hoard was found in Beadale, North Yorkshire, and valued at more than £50,000

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