Rare Roman brooch detected in Aldridge.

Craig Pulley found a rare brooch while scouring a field on the outskirts of his home town, Aldridge, near Walsall. He almost threw away his incredibly rare find, believing it to be junk. Last week Birmingham Museum confirmed the significance of Craig’s discovery. It’s an Aesica brooch, measuring 60mm by 40mm, dating between AD70 and AD100. The brooch, made from copper alloy, won’t make Craig a rich man. But it is significant for two reasons:
-It is in a bow shape – and few of those survive. “Fibula” clasps are more commonly uncovered.
-It is rare evidence of a Roman settlement in Aldridge.
Mr Pulley is using an XP Deus metal detector which is available in Regton Metal Detectors Shop.

Because the brooch is not made from precious metal, Craig can keep it. And he has no intention of selling the rare item.

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rare roman brooch detected with metal detector xp deusMr Pulley with an XP Deus metal detector, and his unique Roman brooch

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