Schoolchildren found 4,000 year old gold ornament

A group of schoolboys has unearthed a rare 4,000 year old ornament during a dig in Northumberland. The children, from Alston Primary School in Cumbria, were taking part in an excavation at Kirkhaugh when they saw a glint of gold in the soil. The object, which was found in a burial mound, is believed to be a decorated hair tress from about 2,300 BC. One of the boys, Joseph Bell, aged seven, said when he saw the gold in the ground he started dancing with joy. The ornament, which is 1.3in (33mm) long and dates back to the Copper Age, was found alongside three flint arrowheads and a jet button. It is thought to have been worn by a metal worker who could have travelled to Britain from overseas in search of gold and copper.

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School children unearth 4000 gold artefact

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