Lost ring found in lake by metal detectorists

A man has been reunited with his lost wedding ring after metal detectorists found it at the bottom of a lake. Matt Walker was swimming in Marine Lake, Clevedon, in August when the band slipped off his finger. He contacted a metal detecting club . Metal detectorists used their metal detectors to search the lake bed when it was drained last week.


Mr Walker grateful to them for finding the white gold band, which is engraved with the date of the couple’s anniversary. Mr Walker was swimming with his children. When he climbed up onto the raft he noticed he had lost his ring. He was devastated to have lost it but there was no chance of finding it.

The “Somerset Artifact Seekers” – which helps people search for lost items – discovered the ring in the silt.

Volunteer Dave Baker said: “It took us about an hour of looking before I was minded to go over to the pontoon and then within seconds I found it.

Mr Walker has given the detectorists a donation by way of thanks.

Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/


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