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Norfolk – The Best Spot For Finding Treasure

Research by the BBC has revealed Norfolk as the best spot for treasure hunters. But is everything as it seems? Of all the treasures found in the ground, fewer than 5% are discovered by professional archaeologists. More than 90% are unearthed by amateur treasure hunters armed with metal detectors – devices originally devised for hunting…

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Is ‘nighthawking’ stealing our past?

Heritage groups say one of the countryside’s most famous monuments is “under attack” from illegal metal detectorists hunting for buried treasure. But what is “nighthawking” – and is it robbing us of our past? “See a penny, pick it up and all that day you’ll have good luck” – it’s something we’ve all told ourselves…

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11th Century coin hoard unearthed by metal detectorist

Metal detectorist in Buckinghamshire have unearthed one of largest hoards of ancient coins ever found in Britain. Paul Coleman from the Weekend Wanderers Detecting Club discovered 5,251 coins buried inside a lead container two feet deep near Aylesbury. The hoard contains specimen dating back to the 11th Century – the late Anglo Saxon, early Norman…

Nigel Ingram in Fake Britain.

Regton On BBC

This morning we had an opportunity to see Regton’s Managing Director Nigel Ingram on BBC’s Fake Britain. If you missed the programme this morning you can catch up on BBC iPlayer In this episode Nigel is testing counterfeit Garrett security scanners which infiltrated UK market. He is also talking about very popular among metal detectorists,…

Detectorists premiere on Thursday!!!

The long-awaited series ‘Detectroists’ premiere on Thursday 2nd October at 10:00 pm on BBC4. Comedy series about two friends metal detectorists who spend most of their life in muddy fields, dreaming of finding priceless treasure which will make them rich and famous. We can’t wait. How about you?

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Detectorists – comedy sit-com filming starts

Cameras are now rolling on the new sitcom from “The Office” actor Mackenzie Crook. Written and directed by the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” star, “Detectorists” is a six-part comedy for BBC Four about two friends who share a passion for metal detecting. The show will star Mackenzie Crook alongside “The Hunger Games” and “Harry Potter”…