medieval treasure

Medieval treasure in a button box.

A small gold plate belonging to a Polish family Sielscy from the Swedish Malmoe turned out to be an archaeological sensation. According to the researchers, it is probably a souvenir from the funeral of the Danish King Harald Bluetooth on the island of Wolin, dated to c. 986 AD. The discovery was made by 11…

Cornwall treasure to go on display

Gold treasure found in the ground to go on show at Royal Cornwall Museum. A new display of Cornwall’s treasures, including hoards of Roman gold and items from the Bronze Age will go on show at the Royal Cornwall Museum on July 21. The display of has possible by a significant grant from the Art Fund,…

medieval seal lamb metal detecting

Medieval seal

Medieval seal with a zoomorphic central motif found by Gary. Gary is using XP Deus metal detector. If you are interested in the topic of seals, we can recommend a book Collecting Seals available in Regton Metal Detectors Shop

silverdale viking hoard metal detector

Metal Detectors – Most Magnificent Treasures Found.

Treasure! The vaults of museums around the world are filled with precious antiquities, but who knows how many historical gems are still out there waiting to be unearthed? This list shows, that anyone can strike it lucky… even you. So grab your metal detector and get searching. Advanced modern technology and availability of equipment made…